My First Fetish…

For years now, we have lived on apps. Apps have this way of sparking the imagination, and well, porn… It is hard to think of a time before the internet and before apps, but they are here, and we have to live with them.

A lot of guys are always on the apps looking to explore the world of fetishes. Fetishes aren’t this scary, intense, or even frightening thing. In fact, they are a healthy curiousity, in my opinion…  Fetishes are becoming more and more normal. But for those of you who are curious… here is some Fetish 101:

The most common is Leather. It is a really broad spectrum and has an entire community dedicated to it. The leather community has all sorts of intricate relationships and interworkings. Words or other fetishes associated with leather include rubber, rope, latex, domination, armpits, uniforms, duct tape, etc.

Another type of sexual fetish is Pig Play… Words in this community can include piss, spit, spit roasting, bareback etc.

Easier and more common fetishes include body parts like armpits, feet, hands, abs.

But fetishes can include role play like sports gear, classrooms settings, shower settings, the list can go on, but they aren’t limited to like age, feces, and so on. Anything can be a fetish.. But, what actually is a fetish? A fetish by definition is a desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, body part, or act of. It almost becomes an obsession or compulsion which causes a guy to orgasm. It is an intense thing.

My first fetish was actually played out rather late. It was pretty simple and like a lot of guys it was underwear.It was probably because the first signs of a half-naked guy came on the boxer brief packs. This led to briefs, and then dance belts because I am in ballet, which evolved into jockstraps. Now, I have a pretty intense collection of underwear. This unhealthy obsession was feuled even more by working in fashion. My sex life has since evolved, but regularly, on the daily, I start my day off by putting on a ridiculously good pair of underwear. It has definitely become a thing for me. It is like a woman feeling powerful when putting on lingerie under her clothes.

Regardless, here are some of the brands I enjoy:








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